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Is Deebly Right for Your Business?

You may have asked yourself, is Deebly right for my business? Well, we’re here to help answer that question. At its core, Deebly exists to help companies that cannot afford to hire a marketing agency grow their business through advertising. If that’s you, there’s a pretty good chance that Deebly can help. That said, there are some businesses that Deebly is particularly well-equipped to work with.

Who works well with Deebly?

eCommerce Businesses

Deebly loves to work with eCommerce companies. The digital storefront works best when backed by digital marketing tactics. When your company is designed to cater to people all over the country, running an ad in a local newspaper isn’t going to get you there. You need a platform that’s far-reaching, and your buddy Deebly has you covered. We’ll get the people in front of your digital store, you just gotta call them in the door and sell them your wares.

Local Services Companies

It seems like every home improvement company, lawn care specialist, dry cleaner, local pizza place, and plumber gives thousands of dollars every month to some company who sticks a little coupon in a blue envelope. These coupons are stuffed in alongside a bunch more coupons for businesses with the same overall offering, and the whole envelope just goes straight into the trash along with all those companies ad budgets. Deebly puts ads in front of people in any specific area in the US on websites they visit frequently and where they’ll actually see your ad.

CBD and Cannabis Companies

CBD and cannabis are tricky advertising spaces here in the United States. Even with ever- increasing legality across the country, too many advertising spaces are being intimidated by their overaggressive legal teams who care more about exerting control than making money. Fortunately Deebly’s been at this for years (in fact, we were originally called CBDeebly) and we know what spaces are friendly to CBD and Cannabis and can make sure your ads end up on known and trusted mainstream websites instead of questionable places where the visitors have, er, other things on their mind…

Small Businesses Getting Their Start

Whether you’re a pre-seed tech startup still working on finding traction or a brand new services company trying to get your name out there, if you’ve only a limited advertising budget, Deebly has got your back. If you’re still getting your feet wet in the business world and other ad platforms are asking complicated questions or putting waves of menus in front of you full of industry jargon that you’re still trying to learn, Deebly is here to give you easy, straightforward options in plain English so you can just get your name out there already.

With all of these examples, and our affordable, easy-to-use interface, it may seem like Deebly is a good fit for everyone. That’s mostly true, but there are some specific use cases where Deebly isn’t probably the best answer, and might not even be an option at all.

Who doesn’t work with Deebly?

Adult Content and Adult Novelty Products

If you are looking to advertise a website that has naked people on it for entertainment purposes, Deebly can’t help you. If you’re an eCommerce company looking to help couples spice it up in the bedroom, unfortunately Deebly isn’t able to help you either. For whatever reason, almost every ad platform in existence is just too squeamish about these matters, even with age and content filtering in place. For now, you guys are stuck with Traffic Junky. – DO NOT GOOGLE WHAT TRAFFIC JUNKY IS IF YOU’RE NOT OK WITH BEING EXPOSED TO ADULT CONTENT

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (or any other weapon)

You guys have your own government bureau that you have to deal with, of course your advertising is going to be complicated. It’s actually not completely impossible to advertise such products (though tobacco is going to have the hardest time for sure), but the whole situation has to be tread so carefully that there really isn’t a way to get around hiring an agency to help you through the hoops. It might be worth talking to our agency partner CleverFunnel if you’re looking for help in these areas.

Companies that need advanced advertising tactics

Frankly, we at Deebly hope that one day every company we work with ends up here. At some point, simple ad tactics won’t be the best play, and there will be a need for complex multi-channel tactics that are going to perform best when implemented under the guidance of an experienced agency. So when you’re ready for retargeting, advanced email tracking, integration between ad channels, and advanced content-based marketing, it’ll probably be time to say goodbye to your ol’ buddy Deebly and hire an agency. We hear that team at CleverFunnel is pretty great at that kind of stuff.

We’ll really miss you, but we’ll be happy to celebrate your success! Don’t worry about us, our little alien mascot is too adorable for us to not find some other job for them. Maybe we’ll make them the star of Deebly the videogame or something. We’ve got time to figure it out, and so will you.

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