What is Deebly?

We’re a self-service dispensary ad platform focused on driving growth in your dispensary business. With help from our no-hassle ad platform and data-driven approach to marketing, we act as your dispensary marketing partner.

Why Deebly?

Seriously Straightforward

Our simple, easy-to-use campaign builder provides you with customizable options to get your dispensary ads off the ground.

Transparent Advertising

There’s no black box of marketing magic or fancy data manipulation from an over-paid agency. We offer no more than dollar in, results out.

Focus on LTV

We’ve broken the dispensary advertising barriers to drive scalable, replicable, and repeatable traffic to dispensary sites – and keep them coming back.

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The Deebly Leadership Team

Meet the ones leading the charge to your company’s success

Chris Franks

Chris Franks


Chris finds himself inspired by the brilliant ambition of other entrepreneurs and the mediocrity of Colorado sports teams. As one of the original Denver Start-up Community Members, Chris is a master business strategist. Greatest achievement: successfully pitching a product called “Meat Water.”

Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez


Chris Martinez is an experienced full-stack developer. His programming experience opens up a wealth of new opportunities for Deebly and our clients. He also tries to automate any process, regardless of practicality or need.​ Based on his appearance, one might be surprised to learn that he plays in a local heavy metal band.

Ivan A.

Ivan A.

Head Marketing Engineer

Ivan excels at design with unique and eye-catching ad creatives, websites, and logos. Always one step ahead of the prospects, Ivan excels at marketing cultivation. He also creates infinite Deebly based desktop backgrounds and makes legendary Mexican style fideos.

Danielle Dupey

Danielle Dupey

Creative Director

Resident design aficionado and Green Bay Packer fan, Danielle brings a creative flair to a team full of nerds that keep their heads buried in data. Considered by some to be a “cat lady in training,” Danielle is always thinking about the best way to visually represent a brand.

Mika Hutton

Mika Hutton

Chief Data Analyst

Mika’s expert-level knowledge in data-driven marketing, data analytics, and business intelligence makes her a terrible match for anyone who likes not knowing what’s going on. A tech-hobbyist and casual futurist, Mika is an avid purveyor of all nifty new tech and gadgets.

Caine Junginger

Caine Junginger

Lead Campaign Manager

Caine knows ads inside and out. He knows when to serve them, where to serve them, and to whom to serve them. He’s also an unexpectedly snappy dresser and smooth conversationalist for a guy who works with data all day.

Emily Fontenot

Emily Fontenot

Lead Copywriter

A former newspaper reporter, Emily is an astounding wordsmith who can spin letters into gold. This description doesn’t even come close to doing her skills justice, since we don’t let our team write their own bios. She once won a karaoke competition in an Irish pub, and is regularly typecast as a Christmas elf.




Scout knows the ins and outs of every spot we move through. She has a trademark technique of sticking her nose in and around every inch of space in an area, ensuring nothing is missed.



Building Inspector

Bailey ensured that any building Deebly operates in is up to her rigorous structural integrity standards. She did this by going in and out of the door to any room that our CEO was currently occupying no less than once every ten minutes.

Sadly, Bailey had to leave the organization in 2022, but we continue to honor and remember her here and in our daily lives.

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